Hi guys, I’m Ruken Antoni and this is my website for the server I am currently developing (Minecraft only at the moment). I am 20 years old from the UK trying to widen my knowledge of maintaining a server from home therefore I’m hoping to expand my expertise on the networking capabilities of running a server.

To improve my server and make it accessible to all Minecraft users I am looking to discover a community of aspirational and creative people that will develop and maintain my server alongside me. If my community of staff would like me to I will eventually be streaming my progress on twitch for everyone to take a look at what stage of development I am working at.

The server can now support versions: 1.8.x – 1.13.x

**Games such as BedWars, SkyWars and Survival-Games will be 1.8 PVP! 

The server now offers a variety of game modes such as; 


We are looking for staff! Apply at: http://rukecraft.pcriot.com/apply/

Server IP: rukecraft.hopto.org 
Website: http://rukecraft.pcriot.com/ 
Discord: https://discord.gg/yhejtKS 
Store: https://rukecraft.buycraft.net/